A Breath of Fresh Air - Balconies

A Breath of Fresh Air

Are you looking for a place that gives you a breath of fresh air? We have what you need here at Iris O4W! Our apartments are the definition of comfort and open spaces. Join us as we explore what makes our apartments stand out from all the rest.


Fresh Air in Abundance

Our apartments feature private balconies. It’s your personal open-air retreat. A private balcony allows you to step outside without leaving your home. It’s a place where you can breathe in the fresh air, soak up some sunlight, and enjoy the view. Whether you’re starting your day with a cup of coffee or ending it with a sunset, a balcony provides a peaceful outdoor retreat.


A Breath of Open Spaces

Picture this: you open a door, step inside, and see neatly organized clothes, shoes, and accessories. Every item has its place, and there’s room to spare. What is this magical place? It’s a walk-in closet. Our apartments feature large and spacious walk-in closets for your convenience. They are big enough to hold all your clothes, shoes, and accessories without feeling cramped.


Cool and Fresh

Breezy ceiling fans are aplenty in our apartments. We have them installed in both your living rooms and bedrooms. Is there anything better than a cool breeze on a hot day? With a ceiling fan, you can enjoy that feeling anytime you want, right at home. They offer a host of benefits, from energy efficiency to style.


A breath of fresh air awaits you here in our community at Iris O4W. Join us now and live life in comfort. Enjoy a life of luxury in Atlanta. Call us now to schedule a tour!