Live Music and Dance near Iris O4W

Vibe with the best of the arts and find live music and dance near Iris O4W. The stage has exciting opportunities, ranging from full orchestras to modern electric symphonies and live performances. Our luxury apartments allow you to enjoy the best of these offerings, thanks to our great location near downtown Atlanta. A vibrant lifestyle is waiting for you at Iris 04W.

Fox Theater in Atlanta

The Fox Theater is one of the city’s most iconic performance theaters. From its origins in the 1920s to today, it’s played host to a diverse cast of world-renowned musicians, actors, and troupes. Best of all, it’s only one and a half miles from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to your chosen show in less than ten minutes.

A Show for All the Seasons

Thrilling performances and shows will cycle throughout the year, so it’s easy to find your next concert interest. Listen to live music concerts from genres ranging from classical and blues to modern rock and hip hop. Watch riveting Broadway plays and musicals for all ages. You can even laugh along with several comedy shows and game nights. With choices like that, it’s easy to find the perfect selection for any occasion.

Rent Out the Stage

Need to plan out a beautiful wedding or a huge corporate meeting? Fox Theater offers private rentals of its stage for any occasion. So whether you plan on sitting dozens or hundreds, there’s a plan for every need. Your fantastic neighborhood is another perk you can enjoy when living at Iris O4W.

Enjoy live music and dance near Iris O4W at the world-famous Fox Theater and swing into a new lifestyle. Nothing compares to living in the heart of Atlanta, so don’t miss out.