New Realm Brewing near Iris 04W

Spend your first weekend exploring your new neighborhood and discover something great, like New Realm Brewing near Iris 04W. Join the luxury revolution when you call Iris 04W home. Nothing beats the thrill of coming home to a well-appointed luxury apartment. There are also plenty of welcoming community amenities that help you reconnect.

New Realm Brewing

Find something new and exciting at New Realm Brewing. They say, “Welcome thirst seekers, hop gazers, palate pushers and style defiers. This is the New Realm. Where tradition is not lost on innovation. Nor is quality sacrificed for the sake of experimentation. Here, our Radegast welcomes you to seek what you thirst (whatever that might be). So, come one, come all, and find your place in the New Realm.”

Hot Spots near Iris 04W

Taylor D. shares, “An excellent destination right on the Beltline. A brew pub with several types of local brews and a casual trendy atmosphere, we stopped in for our first stop on our trip. We ordered the GA Tech Lager and The commissioner. Both are served in appropriate beer glasses and cold. Fantastic and fit the descriptions well. The pork fries were delicious and fresh. The Wagyu burger was cooked to order and juicy. The cheese sauce was delicious and served on a sturdy bun with a sweeter burger sauce. Perfect for the style of cheese and paddy.”

Local Fun

When you live at Iris 04W you can go wherever the adventure takes you. So grab your friends or make some new ones and discover the richness of your new town. Soon enough, you will be a local too. A better life is waiting for you in Atlanta, so don’t delay.

Celebrate your move with dining and drinks at the New Realm Brewing near Iris 04W. Come home to pure comfort. Don’t miss out.