Touches of Enchantment in Mind - Primrose luxury floor plan

Touches of Enchantment in Mind

Picture a home that’s more than just a place to stay; think of it as a backdrop for all your special moments. Discover the charm of the Primrose floor plan at Iris O4W, where every bit of its 1,144 SF of space comes with comfort, style, and touches of enchantment in mind. This space isn’t just about walls and floors; it’s about creating unforgettable experiences and memories. Here, every room tells a story, and every corner is a new opportunity for joy.

With Style and Comfort in Mind

Walk into a living space that takes ‘roomy’ to a new level. In the Primrose, the living room is more than just big – it’s a perfect example of how modern, open living should be. Here, areas for relaxing, eating, and cooking come together smoothly, making a place where you can share every moment. It’s a space that changes to suit whatever you’re doing, from hosting a big dinner to having a comfortable evening alone. This living room feels like a special retreat, a part of your home that’s always just right for you. The design is versatile, welcoming, and always comfortable, turning everyday living into an enjoyable experience.

Touches of Luxury and Practicality

The Primrose’s kitchen blends practicality with style. Elegant quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances make cooking a delight. This kitchen is perfect for anyone who loves to cook or prefers takeout. It’s more than a cooking area; it’s where you make memories and strengthen friendships. This kitchen is the warm center of your home, inviting and ready for any culinary adventure. Every meal prepared here adds to the story of your home. It’s a place where both food and moments are savored.

The Enchantment of Restful Retreats

Finish your day in a space made for relaxation and renewal. The Primrose floor plan has two bedrooms, each a warm, private retreat. With huge walk-in closets, your peaceful space stays neat and tidy. The comfort continues into the two bathrooms, blending ease with sophistication. In the Primrose, every night is restful, and each morning begins calmly. These bedrooms are your personal havens, where stress fades away. As you step into the tranquility of this space, you’ll feel refreshed and at ease. It’s the perfect end to your day and a peaceful start to your morning.

The Primrose floor plan at Iris O4W is more than just a series of rooms and walls; it’s a space for your life’s story. Each part, from the spacious living area to the peaceful bedrooms and the practical yet fashionable kitchen, is made with your needs in mind. In this home, life is comfortable, stylish, and has a bit of luxury. It’s not merely an apartment; it’s a home where you can flourish. This floor plan is a backdrop for your daily joys and achievements. The Primrose floor plan at Iris O4W comes with touches of enchantment in mind. Witness the luxury of our homes. Book a tour and lease today!